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CPMR supports ambitious EU Declaration
CPMR president, Vasco Cordeiro © CPMR - Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions

CPMR supports ‘ambitious’ EU Declaration


The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) has welcomed the EU’s ‘ambitious’ Valetta Declaration on ‘Integrated Maritime Policy on Blue Growth’.

Adopted on 20 April, in the framework of a summit of European maritime ministers in Malta, the declaration sets out the EU’s priorities in relation to maritime issues such as blue growth, marine data and knowledge, maritime spatial planning and integrated maritime surveillance.

The CPMR has said it is satisfied with the declaration, which provides a solid basis for the further development of future EU maritime policies.

The declaration reflects the challenges faced by the peripheral, outermost, coastal and island regions represented by the CPMR, such as climate change and insularity, and calls on the EU and its member states to ensure that these regions benefit from all relevant funding streams addressing their specificities.

CPMR president, Vasco Cordeiro, said: “Maritime affairs and blue growth are a key priority for the CPMR and our regions are ready to invest in the maritime economy. This declaration is a clear signal that the EU and the Maltese Presidency share our ambitions for economic growth in the maritime sector, driven by innovative research and commercial activities.”

The CPMR has now called on the European Council to endorse the declaration as a significant component of the EU’s priorities for jobs, growth and investment.

CPMR secretary general, Eleni Marianou, added: “We urge the forthcoming presidencies of the EU, in close co-operation with other EU Institutions, to use this declaration as the basis for initiatives to further develop the EU Blue Growth Strategy, for long lasting and sustainable development of Europe’s territories.”

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