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Project to launch free public wifi
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Project to launch free public Wi-Fi for London

18/07/17Science & Technology

Technology company Cisco has been chosen by O2 to co-ordinate a project that will launch free, public access wi-fi in the City of London, UK.

The project is in conjunction with Cornerstone Telecommunication Infrastructure (CTIL) and the City of London Corporation. It is to replace the current service provided by The Cloud and will be fully operational by autumn 2017.

Cisco will roll-out next generation outdoor access point technology to offer internet connectivity to more than 400,000 people working in the Square Mile. It will be one of the largest investments in wireless infrastructure ever seen in London and will be supported by Cisco’s Aironet 1560 Series.

Senior vice-president of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Russia Service Providers at Cisco Systems Peter Karlstromer said: “Free Wi-Fi connectivity is now a prerequisite for any city looking to drive innovation and compete on a globe scale.”

He added: “The deployment with O2, and partnership with CTIL and the City of London, is a perfect example of the role that cities can play in connecting people. We are excited to continue to support the roll-out of free Wi-Fi across London and ensure that next generation connectivity is accessible to everyone.”

Combining with O2’s network, the technology aims to deliver the flexibility to balance the demand for wireless coverage with seamless deployment. The initiative will also enable users to enjoy high bandwidth services like video-calling and video streaming over free city Wi-Fi following a one-time only registration.

Derek McManus, chief operating officer of O2, added: “Continued investment in infrastructure is essential to maintain the UK’s reputation as a digital leader and we needed a partner that would be able to provide cutting-edge technology to help us realise this.”

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