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New solution to combat online identity theft


EIT Digital is to launch its new innovation activity Web Application Firewall for Large-scale phishing attacks (WAFFLE) with the aim of adopting a solution against the threat of phishing.

According to reports from legal enforcement authorities, such as EUROPOL, new kinds of fraud and criminal activities are thriving all over Europe with industry players, banks, and ordinary citizens reporting severe economic losses.

Rocco Mammoliti, the head of security at Poste Italiane, participating partner in the innovation activity, said: “A new market for pro-active products like WAFFLE has opened, since the established solutions for mitigating phishing problems are almost totally ineffective because they step in only after the attack has ended.

“A typical phishing attack lasts just a few hours, and bogus websites used for phishing are live for no longer than a day or two. So, blocking traffic to these sites, for example by blacklisting, takes place too late: the sensitive information is already stolen.”

Mammoliti added: “By making corporate and public authority digital services safe for European online consumers, we will maintain and build their trust in using digital services. This will help the whole European digital ecosystem grow and prosper amid international competition.”

The WAFFLE project will combine two existing products (Attack Prophecy, a Web Application Firewall developed by Pluribus One and a complementary tool named PRECOG) with proven track records to develop a new, highly configurable anti-phishing solution that can be accessed in the cloud, or installed in-house.

In addition to Poste Italiane, the other EIT Digital partners participating in the innovation activity include; Italian software and IT services provider Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Italian digital innovation and design shop Cefriel who will bring their experience in cybercrime and offensive security, and Innovalor, who will develop a go-to-market strategy, market analysis, and commercial propositions.

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