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Customers furious
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Customers ‘furious’ after cyber-attack

09/08/17Science & Technology

Hundreds of thousands of items have become caught up in a meltdown at courier TNT following the NotPetya cyber-attack that affected many companies on 28 June.

Businesses in Ukraine were hit hardest, and since many TNT operations and communications are based in the country, a significant proportion of its systems were infiltrated and data encrypted – locking employees out – as a result.

‘Manual processes’ are still being used to put packages through the system, and TNT has said it is ‘reasonably possible’ that some information will never be fully recovered.

Small businesses have been affected too due to missing or waylaid shipments.

A source close to FedEx and TNT operations in Europe has also said that depots have been pushed to their limits while both companies continue to try to get the backlog of packages under control.

The sheer range of customers affected by the breakdown in operations at TNT is staggering – some were left distraught as critical supplies were held up in transit.

‘We have urgent air freight stuck at Stansted [airport],’ wrote one woman on the courier’s Facebook page, ‘medical equipment required in theatres.’

It’s nearly a month and a half since NotPetya struck, but TNT has still not recovered operations.

The last update from the company was published on 17 July. It said all TNT depots, hubs and facilities were operational, but added: ‘Customers are still experiencing widespread service and invoicing delays, and manual processes are being used to facilitate a significant portion of TNT operations and customer service functions.

‘We cannot estimate when TNT services will be fully restored.’

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