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Cloudbased platform to monitor drone activity

Cloud-based platform to monitor drone activity

20/04/17Science & Technology

EIT Digital has announced its cloud-based platform, Cloud4Drones, to monitor drones and the development of drone applications.

The company wants to exploit the ‘nearly ubiquitous’ connection to mobile networks to provide a cloud-based centralised data harvesting platform for data storage and back-up.

According to EIT, the Cloud4Drones platform will allow professional drone operators to build new and enriched cloud-enabled services for infrastructure monitoring, for example.

Maurizio Griva, the innovation activity leader, said: “The digitalisation of drone services and their connection to cloud computing is the essential first step for the mature adoption of this technology.

“This will be possible only if the drones are connected to a mobile network, covering today almost all of the European soil and thus providing the communication channel everywhere.”

A Deloitte University Press study suggests it is possible to inspect 15-20 wind turbines in a day by using drones with advanced software, compared to between two and five inspected by traditional ground-based methods.

Griva added: “Our way of building the drone applications by exploiting the connection to the mobile networks will be new, as unlike the existing approaches, it will allow an inspector or domain expert to support operations without need of being on-field, by providing feedbacks or advice while the drone is still [in] flight.

“This is an improvement in terms of efficiency and cost-reduction, particularly relevant where infrastructures are spread in wide areas that are difficult to reach – like dams in the mountains or offshore infrastructures.”

The Cloud4Drones platform is expected to be commercially available by the end of 2017.

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