UK OFFICE : +44 (0)1260 273 802
BRUSSELS OFFICE : +32 (0)2 895 5909

UK OFFICE : +44 (0)1260 273 802
BRUSSELS OFFICE : +32 (0)2 895 5909

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Green 4 Cities Ltd

Areas of Expertise

Green4Cities (G4C) is an international centre of excellence for green infrastructure in urban areas.

Our main working areas are:

Research and development
Green4cities is a highly experienced R&D performing company in the realm of urban green infrastructure and building integrated greenery. The research activities cover technical product developments, governance and policy, financing mechanisms, quality of life and, of course, urban climate adaptation.

Planning and vegetation technology
The high expertise of the G4C team in vegetation technology, for example, concerning the greening of high rise buildings, is well received by architects, to whom G4C provides consultancy in competition, detailed planning up to bidding phase and supervision of construction. In this realm the unique selling proposition (USP) of the G4C is its international renown and outstanding expertise in building integrated greenery.

GREENpass® – the world’s first planning, simulation and certification tool to optimise the multiple effects of urban green infrastructure
Green4Cities offers detailed planning and certification of ecosystem services of green infrastructure on city quarters and buildings. The GREENpass® method expands the world’s leading microclimatic simulation software ENVI-met in terms of building integrated greenery and resource indicators. Together with the ENVI-met team we have created an interface, called the GREENpass® modelling editor (, which allows users to convert conventionally used planning principles (by CAD or GIS) directly in a microclimate model, and to evaluate and optimise their projects.

Research Interests

Research interests

  • Adapting cities to climate change through green infrastructure from a technological point of view;
  • Financing mechanisms and tools for urban green infrastructure;
  • Urban green infrastructure and governance; and
  • Networking and communication.
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