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E-health advanced on EU agenda


Brussels: The European Health Telematics Association’s (EHTEL) 2014 symposium in Brussels has seen debate over innovation in the health and social care sectors pushed forward.

The event drew together EU policy makers, industry representatives, academics, and health professionals in Brussels to discuss developments in this area.

Corporate attendees included those from Intel, Pfizer Pharma, Merck & Co, and more. Meanwhile, health and social system representatives from Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK shared with each other their experiences of working in the field.

With a burgeoning e-health and m-health market and the growing use of telemetrics in European healthcare, the role of regulation and the EU’s place in it was one key topic under discussion at the symposium. However, the Commission’s Pēteris Zilgalvis stressed that Brussels wishes to support the sector while ensuring the protection of patients and consumers. He said there will be an effort to keep the barriers for entry into the market low.

At the end of the event, the EHTEL’s president, Professor George Crooks, detailed to PEN the benefits of the symposium in terms of engaging with policy makers. He said: “We had the head of unit from the Commission, who not only presented his thinking but was actually exposed to people who genuinely want to move the agenda forward for the benefit of citizens, and therefore he could get a balanced view on what people find is important and where they find challenges and see opportunities.”

The event also drew attention to the work of the ‘Momentum’ project, which aims to advance telemedicine adoption in Europe.

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