UK OFFICE : +44 (0)1260 273 802
BRUSSELS OFFICE : +32 (0)2 895 5909

UK OFFICE : +44 (0)1260 273 802
BRUSSELS OFFICE : +32 (0)2 895 5909

WWII bomb to force evacuation in Frankfurt
Frankfurt © nicwood

WWII bomb to force evacuation in Frankfurt


Up to 70,000 people have been told to leave their homes in Frankfurt, Germany, after an unexploded World War II (WWII) bomb named ‘blockbuster’ was uncovered.

The evacuation is due to take place on 3 September and is one of the largest operations of its kind.

It will allow for the safe defusal of the 1,400kg UK bomb, which German media said was named blockbuster during the war for its ability to wipe out entire streets or buildings.

The unexploded bomb was discovered on 29 August during building work towards the Westend campus of Goethe University, police said in a statement.

Officers were guarding the site and said there was ‘currently no danger’.

Police said the bomb in question was a high capacity (HC) 4000.

“Due to the large size of the bomb, extensive evacuation measures must be taken,” police said.

Wismarer Street where the bomb was found is close to the city centre and 2.5km north of the main Zeil shopping area.

More than 70 years after the end of the war, unexploded bombs are regularly found in Germany.

One of the biggest such evacuations took place last Christmas when another unexploded bomb forced 54,000 people out of their homes in the southern city of Augsburg.

Another 50,000 residents had to leave their homes in the northern city of Hanover in May for an operation to defuse several bombs.

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