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North Korea preparing more missile launches
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North Korea ‘preparing more missile launches’


South Korea has revealed it has seen indications that the North is preparing more missile launches – possibly an intercontinental ballistic missile.

It said it was strengthening its US-made Thaad missile defence system after the North’s test of a nuclear bomb at the weekend.

The South has carried out live-fire exercises in response to the test.

US President Donald Trump has warned that any threat to itself or its allies will be met with a “massive military response”.

The North says it tested a hydrogen bomb that can fit on to a long-range missile.

Pyongyang has repeatedly defied UN sanctions and international pressure by developing nuclear weapons and testing missiles.

In the past two months it has conducted intercontinental ballistic missile tests. It has also threatened to fire missiles towards the US Pacific territory of Guam.

The UNs Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting later today (4 September) to discuss its response.

Ahead of that meeting, South Korea and Japan’s leaders had agreed to push for a stronger UN resolution on North Korea, a South Korean presidential palace spokesman said.

Chang Kyung-soo, a defence ministry official, added: “We have continued to see signs of possibly more ballistic missile launches. We also forecast North Korea could fire an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).”

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