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Ukrainian language
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New law to boost Ukrainian language


A new law has been set in Ukraine that will require at least 75% of national TV broadcasts to be in the Ukrainian language.

President Petro Poroshenko has called for more Ukrainian language use on TV.

The language quota for local television and radio stations has been set at 50%. The law is still going through parliament and requires presidential approval.

Ukrainian sociological research last year found Russian to be the main language of Ukrainian TV, press, the services sector and Ukrainian websites.

Last year Ukraine adopted a law stipulating that Ukrainian-language songs must feature more prominently on the radio. The quota was set at 25% minimum, but in 2018 the level is to reach 35%.

TV talk shows and other broadcasts where the use of both Russian and Ukrainian is customary, they will be considered as Ukrainian language if the host is a Ukrainian speaker.

Currently less than 35% of Ukrainian newspapers are in the Ukrainian language, and less than 25% of magazines.

However, Ukrainian is the dominant language in more than 91% of Ukrainian schools.

The ethnic Russian separatists controlling a large swathe of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, in eastern Ukraine, do not recognise laws passed in Kyiv.

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