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Muscat says Brexit
Joseph Muscat © Partit Laburista Malta

Muscat says Brexit “tide is turning”


The prime minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, has said he sees signs that the “tide is turning” within the Brexit negotiations.

Brexit may not happen and a political leader in the UK should show courage and fight for a referendum on the terms of the country’s exit deal with the EU, Muscat has said.

Malta currently holds the rotating presidency of the European Council, and as such Muscat has said he believes he has gained an insight into the Brexit process.

He said: “The will of the people can have disastrous consequences, history teaches us.

“I could name some examples, but they’re so horrendous they’d raise the wrath of my British friends.

“For the first time, I’m starting to believe that Brexit will not happen. I am seeing hopeful signs that indicate things will change. I see encouraging signs that the tide is turning. I’m not saying the Brits have made a mistake, but the mood is changing.”

Muscat added: “People see that their fundamentally valid vote has been given an answer that does not offer a solution.

“The referendum was democratic, but has resulted in a situation in which everyone loses. Doubt is creeping in. It would be good if a political leader in the UK stands up and is courageous enough to address this new situation. Someone who says: let’s put the Brexit end deal to a popular vote.”

As it stands, the final deal negotiated with the EU will be put to a vote in parliament. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has suggested that holding a referendum on a withdrawal agreement would only encourage Brussels to present punitive terms in hope of keeping the UK inside the bloc.

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