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UK OFFICE : +44 (0)1260 273 802
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LEVAEU and Bike Europe meet at Eurobike
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LEVA-EU and Bike Europe meet at Eurobike


LEVA-EU and Bike Europe have teamed up to help electric bike companies understand the regulatory processes surrounding bike rules in the EU.

In the EU these are subject to complicated rules: type-approval, CE-standards, the Machinery Directive, helmet obligation, insurance and traffic code.

Some 50 delegates attended the meeting at Eurobike in Germany, representing the full spectrum of the electric bike business.

LEVA-EU Manager Annick Roetynck presented an overview of rules and regulations relating to several types of electric bicycles. Should electric mountain bikes be type-approved? Can one produce electric cargo bikes with more than 250W? Must speed pedelec riders wear a moped helmet? Do they have to have insurance and a number plate for their speed pedelecs?  What about kits, electric wheels and electric trailers?

The presentations raised many questions. The legislation for electric mountain bikes has serious loopholes, which is cause for great concern. The 250W power limit is a considerable obstruction for further innovation of electric cargo bikes. It is impossible to fit kits and electric wheels, aimed at turning conventional bikes into electric bikes, into the current legal framework. The sector is not well informed about type-approval, specifically for speed pedelecs.

LEVA-EU is a newly established association, which is aimed at helping companies find an answer to all the above questions. What’s more, LEVA-EU will address the European institutions directly with a view to improving existing rules and regulations. LEVA-EU is the only European trade association that works exclusively for light electric vehicles.

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