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EU institutions present joint project results
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EU institutions present joint project results


The Council of Europe and the European Union have presented results for their joint projects in the six Eastern Partnership countries.

The partnership countries include: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus.

The projects, conducted under the Partnership for Good Governance initiative, were aimed at protecting human rights, promoting democratic governance and rule of law.

The total budget of the Partnership for Good Governance programme was €33.8m. The projects have been primarily financed by the European Union, and co-financed and implemented by the Council of Europe.

Projects carried out in Armenia with a budget of €2.4m focused on improving electoral processes, combatting ill-treatment and impunity, strengthening healthcare and human rights protection in prisons. Judicial reform and fighting corruption in higher education also received EU support.

In Azerbaijan, the budget of €4.9m was focused on improving media freedom and freedom of expression, strengthening capacities to fight and prevent corruption in the administration, increasing the role of the Academy of Justice which includes training judges and improving the efficiency of judicial services.

There has been a total of five projects in Georgia, with a budget of €3.7m, which have assisted with the application of the European Convention on Human Rights, civic integration of national minorities, strengthening the Georgian Bar Association and improving healthcare in prisons.

The projects in the Republic of Moldova, with a total budget of €2.4m, were used to improve electoral processes, combatting and preventing discrimination, strengthening respect for human rights in the digital agenda, and strengthening the judiciary and supporting the Moldovan Bar Association.

Ukraine’s total budget of €3.2m focused on strengthening human rights standards, penitentiary reform, freedom of media, fighting corruption, and supporting free and fair elections.

The €700,000 budget in Belarus concentrated on promoting the standards of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Belarus, as well as on promoting human rights, good governance and fighting corruption.

In addition, all six Eastern European Partnership countries have participated in 14 regional initiatives.

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