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Michel Barnier © Valsts kanceleja/ State Chancellery

Brexit: UK-EU negotiators to outline progress


The EU and UK Brexit negotiators are to outline what progress has been made so far as the latest round of talks conclude.

The UK’s Brexit secretary David Davis and the EU’s Michel Barnier will meet to assess the previous four days of talks.

The discussions have revolved around citizen’s rights, the Irish border and separation issues, including UK financial liabilities.

The EU has said talks won’t move on to the subject of future trading until it judges that adequate progress has been made.

The two sides are meeting for four days each month, with this week’s talks aimed at analysing points of difference and common ground in those areas that require urgent attention.

The UK and EU have made separate offers on residency rights, each side saying they want an early agreement to give certainty to the three million EU nationals in the UK and the 1.2 million British expats on the continent.

However, both sides are adamant that any deal must be reciprocal.

It has been reported that final agreement on the size of any so-called ‘divorce bill’ that the EU believes the UK should pay is unlikely to be settled until late 2018.

The UK has said it will honour its membership obligations and pay what it is lawfully due but has rejected talk of paying ‘extortionate’ sums of up to €100bn.

Despite speculation about the possible sums involved, it has been reported that no official figures have yet been put on the table.

Later on today (20 July) UK Prime Minister Theresa May is to meet with business leaders in Downing Street to discuss their concerns about the impact of the UK leaving the single market and customs union.

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