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Brexit: Repeal Bill to be published


The UK’s Brexit secretary David Davis has said that MPs must “work together” on Brexit, as he publishes a bill to convert EU law into UK law.

The legislation, known as the ‘Repeal Bill’, aims to ensure the same rules apply in the UK after Brexit, while giving UK parliaments the power to alter them.

Davis said he would “work with anyone” to make it a success, but he faces opposition.

Liberal Democrat Party leader Tim Farron told the government: “This will be hell.”

The Labour Party vowed to vote against the legislation unless there were significant changes to the details previously set out.

The Conservative Party are relying on Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) support to win key votes after losing their House of Commons majority in the general election.

Formally known as the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, the draft legislation is a key aspect of the government’s Brexit strategy.

The bill will repeal the European Communities Act 1972, which took the UK into the EU and will remove the authority of Brussels law.

It will also create temporary powers to correct laws that will not operate appropriately after Brexit.

It is not expected to be debated until the autumn, but will need to have been passed by the time the UK leaves the EU – due to be in March 2019.

Davis said it would allow the UK to leave the EU with “maximum certainty, continuity and control”.

“It is one of the most significant pieces of legislation that has ever passed through parliament, and is a major milestone in the process of our withdrawal from the EU,” he said.

“By working together, in the national interest, we can ensure we have a fully functioning legal system on the day we leave the EU.”

Farron said he was “putting the government on warning”.

“If you found the Article 50 Bill difficult, you should be under no illusion, this will be hell,” he added.

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