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Brexit May wants to intensify talks
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Brexit: May to intensify talks


The UK is ready to “intensify” Brexit talks with the EU rather than continue with the one-week-a-month schedule, Downing Street has said.

Brexit Secretary David Davis has just concluded a week of talks in Brussels, Belgium, about the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

EU officials say progress is short of what is needed to move negotiations on to post-Brexit relations.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokeswoman said the UK wanted to talk about future relations with the EU “as soon as we can”.

May’s spokeswoman told political reporters: “We are ready to intensify negotiations. Nothing has been formally agreed, but that is something that we can discuss. Typically in negotiations, as time goes on, you see the pace pick up.”

On 3 September, Davis dismissed newspaper reports the UK had secretly agreed to pay an ‘exit’ figure of up to £50bn (~€55bn) as “nonsense”.

May’s spokesman indicated that the UK would not come up with a figure until wider talks began, saying: “We are not there yet.” But she suggested the divorce bill was “inextricably linked” to the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

The Downing Street comments came after the EU’s Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned that the UK faced “extremely serious consequences” if it left the single market, which, he said, had not been explained to the British people.

May’s spokeswoman said: “The British people have heard those arguments.”

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