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Paris agreement is lifeline
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Paris agreement is ‘lifeline’ for poorest countries


The world’s poorest nations have said that the Paris climate agreement is their ‘lifeline’ and must be strengthened.

The Climate Vulnerable Forum, (CVF) representing 48 countries, said the deal was crucial to their survival.

Thousands of delegates are to meet in Bonn, Germany, to develop the terms of the Paris climate deal.

Around one billion people live in countries that are part of the CVF.

The group firmly supports the concept, enshrined in the Paris agreement, that countries would do all in their power to keep temperatures from increasing more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

“Keeping to 1.5°C is quite simply a matter of survival,” said Debasu Bayleyegn Eyasu from Ethiopia, which holds the presidency of the CVF.

“For all of us, the Paris agreement is our lifeline.”

Other speakers highlighted the fact that there was widespread dissatisfaction with the current US position on climate change.

President Donald Trump is expected to decide on future US participation in the Paris accord after the G7 summit in Italy next week.

“You have to have the US on-board ultimately to meet the goals set by the Paris Agreement,” Bill Hare from Climate Analytics said.

“But if there’s a hiatus for four years it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the game.”

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